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In Rock We Trust

“Vine Vide Rocke” – We Came, We Saw, We Rocked!

(With all due credit for a certain Roman chap to whom a similar phrase is usually attributed)

We first met (Gerdi and Johnny) having been invited to play with an ensemble that billed itself: “A Rock´n´Roll and Country band”. It didn’t take very long for us to agree that we didn´t want, or need, to musically limit ourselves by playing only this style of music.
Consequently we went out together playing what ever we though was a good song, with no more limits to our creativity! “Never again” we vowed!

With this as our musical credo we recorded our first CD: “In Rock We Trust“, which contained classic Pop, Country and Rock´n´Roll material.

As we didn´t have much in the way of good pictures featuring the Band we had to improvise a little for the CD’s cover and poster but we’re quite pleased with the result.

For our first (official) gig as The Johnny Mowton Experience Rock Trio we played the Moroccan Bar/Restaurante “Pizza-Pazzo” in Ondara, invited by our friend, the establishment’s owner: Ahmed.

We´ve often played there since, at one time every Saturday night. Incidentally: If you want to enjoy the experience of authentic Moroccan food, like Tajine with Couscous, Bestilla, Mammar and many other traditional dishes you should give it a try. We have and have agreed to declare it nothing short of: “Awesome”!

Those were the days …

This is the inside cover of “In Rock We Trust” featuring Johnny, Gerdi, and our good friend Ralf Titze, who played drums with the original JME trio.inside Rock sylvester2010


We continued “rehearsing” on the Rastros in Dénia and Teulada, adding more and more Songs to our repertoire. And we played some more Venues, off course, which results in more posters:

bar-ximo Live at the Marriot Hotel Haweli Dénia
Sylvester2011 Review from The PostThe Post


Chinese Newyear 2012 Delfin Havana One
Barril-juli-2012 xiriguito-bambu l´Equinocci
Isla-tortuga-07 fin del mundo Sylvester2012


Bistro Maxx almstübchen2web rocktoberfest-maxx


carnival Valentines day 2014 OK-Buffet
carreton Halloween2014


llandero2 The-Rock-Cafe-01