What you see is what you get

The JME on the Rastro

Men at work. (Rastro Teulada) Copyright by Gonzalo Mira Verdú.

They our “Rehearsle Room”, so to say, where we learn and practice new Songs. And it gives you the Chance to listen to us, too. With music it´s like with food: If someone tells you “it´s good” doesn´t mean that it suits your personal taste.

With the Johnny Mowton Experience you can listen to “what you get” twice a week, if you are planning a private Party or some event for your Restaurant!

We play every Friday on the Dénia Rastro -Powered by the Bratteufel! – and every Sunday on the Teulada Rastro from 10:30h-13:00h – if  it´s not raining, off course. (This original german “Bratwurst” from Thuringia is worth a sin, thats for sure!)

At the Teulada Rastro

At the Teulada Rastro, again. With our Gitarist Michael “SMF” Weinberger. Copyright by Gonzalo Mira Verdú.

Cd´s for Sale on the Rastro

Also you´ll have the chance to get hold of one of our four CD´s – so that you can listen to the JME everywhere at any time. Your neighbours will love you, and they make a nice present, too 😉